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Johanna Kichton,

Elevance Earnings Report Is Grotesque Display of Corporate Profiteering

Elevance Health’s CEO Took Home $17 Million in 2020, Same Year It Was Charged With a Multi-Million Dollar Antitrust Settlement


People's Action today released a statement by Health Care for All Campaign Director Aija Nemer-Aanerud in response to Elevance Health's quarterly earnings report, which showed a profit of $2.3 billion:

"In a grotesque display of corporate profiteering, this morning Elevance Health announced it profited $2.3 billion off its policyholders. Part of this is made by denying peoples' claims, resulting in millions of dollars in medicine, surgeries, and other treatments that people aren't getting. People get sicker, longer, because of Elevance Health's greed.

"Today's announcement raises the question: What portion of Elevance's billions comes from denying care for their members? Our campaign, Care Over Cost, is organizing with people across the country to hold private health insurance corporations like Elevance accountable and finally get people the care they need."

People's Action yesterday hosted a livestream event along with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to promote its Care Over Cost campaign to help people get the care they deserve by overturning wrongful claim denials from private health insurers. The six largest private insurers took in $41 billion of profits just last year. Private insurers denied 42.3 million in-network claims on the ACA marketplace in 2020 alone.

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