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Sunrise NYC Urges Mondaire Jones to Run in NY-17

In Light of Newly Released Drafted Congressional District Maps, Sunrise NYC Encourages Climate Champion Mondaire Jones to Run in the New NY-17


The New York Chapter of the Sunrise Movement urges Congressman Mondaire Jones to seek reelection in the newly redrawn Seventeenth Congressional District.

"Jones, a 2020 Sunrise Movement endorsee, has been a tireless advocate for a renewable transition and environmental justice in his first term. He is leading colleagues in holding the Defense Department accountable for pollution emissions and advocating for a transition to high-speed and light rail powered by renewable energy, including a one-ride train from Rockland County into New York City.

"We are disappointed that DCCC Chair Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney appears to have chosen to primary a climate champion like Congressman Jones and potentially sacrifice the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in the process. We strongly urge Congressman Maloney to reconsider his decision.

"Jones is a proud cosponsor of the Green New Deal Resolution, the Green New Deal for Public Schools, the Green New Deal for Cities, the Green New Deal for Public Housing, and the End Polluter Welfare Act. Conversely, Maloney only cosponsors the Resolution. Jones was also an opponent of the Danskammer Power Plant proposal that would have polluted the air and water of Hudson Valley residents. Maloney never found the courage to stand up for environmental justice in his own district.

"Jones currently represents approximately three-quarters of the new 17th district, which includes his hometown of Spring Valley, while Maloney only represents a quarter of it. This district has a strong foundation of progressive politics--including climate champions like former Peekskill City Council member and Sunrise NYC endorsed State Assembly candidate Vanessa Agudelo--and its voters benefit greatly by being represented in Congress by a climate leader such as Jones.

"Congressman Maloney must take his responsibility as the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee seriously. Instead of seeking personal political advantage, he should fight to keep NY-18 in Democratic control this year.

"We cannot pass meaningful climate legislation with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives; progressive coalitions must organize to keep NY-18 blue and retain incumbent climate champions in NY-16 and NY-17. Sunrise NYC feels that Congressman Jones is the best possible candidate to advance the fight for crucial climate legislation in the 118th Congress on behalf of his community in the newly-created NY-17."

Sunrise NYC is one of the largest hubs of the Sunrise Movement in the United States. Its thousands of members fight for passing meaningful climate legislation and electing Green New Deal champions, in addition to advocating for equity and justice in every aspect of public policy.

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.