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Sen. Sinema Must Clarify Position on Climate Funding

The Sierra Club requested clarity from Senator Sinema Tuesday in the wake of


The Sierra Club requested clarity from Senator Sinema Tuesday in the wake of denials from a spokesperson in her office that she had called for $100B in cuts to climate action policies in the Build Back Better Act, as reported by the New York Times friday.

The Sierra Club requests that Sen. Sinema either affirms her support for full funding of the full suite of climate and clean energy policies in the Build Back Better Act, or publicly makes clear which cuts (or additions) she proposes.

CONTEXT: The New York Times report regarding Sinema's requested cuts stands in stark contrast to statements made by Sen. Sinema in recent weeks to the Arizona Republic (republished by NYT):

"In Arizona, we're all too familiar with the impacts of a changing climate ... from increasing wildfires to the severe droughts, to shrinking water levels at Lake Mead, damage to critical infrastructure -- these are all the things that we're dealing with in Arizona every day," ... "We know that a changing climate costs Arizonans. And right now, we have the opportunity to pass smart policies to address it -- looking forward to that."

AZ CLIMATE POLLING: Failure to support strong climate provisions would put Senator Sinema out of step with Arizona. New polling from the Global Strategy Group found that Sinema's constituents want a big, bold climate bill, and that supporting the full $3.5 trillion Build Back Better package would be a political win for Arizona politicians. Nearly two in three voters statewide (65 percent) say they want to see the $3.5 trillion legislation passed, including overwhelming majorities of Democrats (88 percent) and Independents (69 percent). (MORE INFO HERE)

In Response, Sierra Club Arizona Chapter Director Sandy Bahr Released the Following Statement:

"We were deeply troubled by this report, but also hopeful after seeing the denials by Senator Sinema's staff.

"In order for Arizonans and all Americans to have greater clarity on exactly how Senator Sinema proposes to cut, add or modify climate provisions and funding in the Build Back Better Act, we respectfully request that the Senator either make public her support for full funding of the entire suite of climate and clean energy programs in the bill, or make clear which policies she thinks Arizonans can do without as the urgency of the climate crisis deepens.

"With major international climate negotiations just weeks away, we cannot afford delay and we cannot afford as a nation not to deliver."

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