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McKenzie Wilson, Data for Progress,

REPORT: A Clean Jumpstart Approach to Infrastructure Will Create 26 Million Jobs

A new policy report from Data for Progress and Evergreen Action shows that keeping comprehensive climate investments in the infrastructure package will boost the economy


Today, Data for Progress and Evergreen Action released a new policy report providing a roadmap for how Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats can create 26 million jobs as part of a Clean Jumpstart investment in infrastructure and clean energy. This new report lays out exactly how our Clean Jumpstart plan with Evergreen Action would enable Biden to deliver on his campaign promise of investing $2 trillion in "modern, sustainable infrastructure and an equitable clean energy economy."

We find that investing $2.6 trillion in establishing a Clean Jumpstart through bold climate investments like those of the American Jobs Plan would create an average of 2.6 million jobs annually for 10 years, including more than 1 million jobs per year in employment working directly toward the Biden Administration's policy goals, and more than 1.5 million jobs along supply chains and in communities due to increased spending.

Some highlights from the report on the jobs a Clean Jumpstart would create:

  • 363,000 jobs in clean energy deployment

  • 1.3 million jobs in green infrastructure

  • 311,000 jobs in clean and competitive manufacturing

  • 232,000 jobs in agriculture and natural resources

  • 161,000 jobs in technology innovation

  • 262,000 jobs in workers and communities

"The strength of the June jobs report speaks to the outstanding success of Biden's American Rescue Plan -- now, he must build on that progress and secure a prosperous economic future by initiating a Clean Jumpstart," said Marcela Mulholland, Political Director at Data for Progress. "This bold, progressive plan would create a record 2.6 million jobs in the clean manufacturing and innovation jobs of the future, and it's why Congress must adapt a Clean Jumpstart into its version of the infrastructure package."

"This report makes it clear: Congress has the opportunity to create millions of good-paying jobs in the clean energy economy right now. With the right investments today, we can create up to 2.6 million jobs over the next decade, by prioritizing climate in the infrastructure package," said Sam Ricketts, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor for Evergreen Action. "The vision behind the Clean Jumpstart 2021 is the same vision that animates the American Job Plan: bold clean energy standards, robust public investments, and environmental justice. As this report shows, Biden's climate agenda is not only wildly popular, it would boldly transform our economy for the better. Congress must stand firm and go big on climate, jobs, and justice."

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