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Biden Must Make Bigger Climate Moves than Keystone and Paris


President Joe Biden is expected to announce that his administration will cancel a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and is re-committing the United States to the international Paris climate agreement.

In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter released the following statement:

"Reversing the Trump administration's push to build the climate-wrecking Keystone XL pipeline is a good first step, and a huge victory for grassroots organizers who have fought to stop this monstrous proposal. But the Biden administration must go much bigger than stopping one stalled pipeline: There are fossil fuel projects planned across the country, and all of them represent decades of additional climate and air pollution. This administration must make use of all of its executive and legal authorities to stop all forms of dirty energy expansion.

"The Paris climate accords were insufficient six years ago, and they are even more so now. The Biden White House needs to chart a much more aggressive course for dealing with our climate emergency. We need a rapid transition to 100 percent renewable energy and a ban on fracking and all fossil fuel infrastructure projects. The Paris agreement represents market friendly incrementalism, and we need a much more ambitious plan to get the country--and the world--off fossil fuels."

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