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People's Action Blows Past 25 Million Calls and Texts to Voters in Key Battleground States

People’s Action and member organizations surpassed previous benchmark of 21 million calls and texts to voters.


People's Action today announced that, working with its member organizations, the organization has made more than 25 million attempts to contact voters living in key battleground states this election cycle so far. Volunteers contacted voters in Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Of the total, about 5 million of the voter contact attempts were phone calls and 20.9 million were texts, with a majority of those attempts being deep canvass conversations.

"Our team of passionate and determined leaders are breaking records and building power, helping to flip states to defeat Trump,"People's Action Distributed Organizing Director Brooke Adams said. "Our team is connecting with everyday people across the country, making sure they know they matter and turning them out to vote."

Deep canvass phone calls are candid conversations between canvassers and voters in which participants reflect on the experiences that shape what's at stake for them. These conversations are critical to not only defeating Trump but also to building bridges among a divided America. People's Action recently released new results from a deep canvass experiment it conducted showing that the method is about 102 times more effective at moving individual voters than the typical presidential persuasion program.

People's Action builds the power of poor and working people, in rural, suburban, and urban areas to win change through issue campaigns and elections.