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350 Action on Joe Biden's New Clean Energy Plan


Today, former Vice President Joe Biden released a new plan to address climate change that would invest $2 trillion over four years in renewable energy and a number of zero-emissions targets. 350 Action's North America Director Tamara Toles O'Laughlin gave the following statement in response:

"Joe Biden's latest climate plan is proof that we can hold him accountable, and we will continue to do so. It's heartening to see a plan attempting to meet the climate crisis at scale and kickstart a just and equitable transition to renewable energy. Clearly the Biden campaign is taking stock of the crucial insights and demands of communities on the frontlines and fencelines of the environmental movement. This is a promising start, but we will need a lot more than a $2 trillion investment to meaningfully tackle climate injustice and devastating climate impacts. Biden should also hold fast to his earlier provision to put all fossil fuel infrastructure to the 'climate test.' Most importantly, any effort to address climate change that doesn't hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for putting profits before people will come up short for the next generation.

"Achieving climate justice and an equitable future for all doesn't start or end in the White House - it takes a massive multiracial, multigenerational movement demanding change at every turn. We will continue urging elected officials at all levels to get out of their comfort zone to show us ambition on climate action. This is the moment when leadership sides with people over profits. That means digging deep in investments, and the diversion of all available public and private dollars to support impacted communities fighting COVID-19, climate impacts, and business as usual. Climate leadership in the executive branch means leading the charge to make polluters pay for care and repair for the long haul."

350 Action is the independent political action arm of the non-profit, non-partisan climate justice group