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Fracking Should Be Banned, Not Bailed Out


The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration is considering a targeted bailout of the already struggling fracking industry, after many company stocks were hit hard by the plunge in oil prices.

Food & Water Action executive director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement

"The fracking industry has been on the financial ropes for years because their business model is to flood supply and then push for artificial demand. Using a worldwide public health crisis to bail out the fracking industry now would be a disgraceful waste of taxpayer dollars, and would spell further climate calamity. The Trump administration's shameful embrace of the dirty polluters is nothing more than a desperate move to protect corporations and billionaires that are the main beneficiaries of the White House's awful energy policies.

"We shouldn't be shocked that Trump puts his billionaire friends ahead of workers and the climate, but everyone should be outraged.

"A moment like this, when thousands of workers are at immediate risk of losing their jobs, only underscores the need to pursue a strong Green New Deal that provides a fair, just transition for affected workers and their communities. What is happening now is profoundly unjust, and it is exactly how these corporations routinely treat workers."

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