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IRC Welcomes Outcomes of Sweden Peace Negotiations in Yemen War


David Miliband, President and CEO at the International Rescue Committee said,

The IRC welcomes the news that Yemen's warring parties have agreed to a ceasefire in the critical port city of Hodeidah. We, and the people of Yemen, are desperate for its implementation. It is the deeds, not the words of the parties to the conflict that will decide if Yemeni civilians get the relief they deserve - lives remain on the line. We thank Martin Griffiths and his team for these efforts. However, we must remember that these developments are the beginning of a long road towards peace and stability in Yemen: a ceasefire in Hodeidah is only the first step.

It is critical that the international community does not lose focus in it efforts to end the war. Concrete diplomatic steps are needed. The UN Security Council must adopt a resolution to codify the ceasefire in Hodeidah and establish independent monitoring of the agreement. Allies of all warring parties, including the US, UK, France and Iran should continue to apply sustained diplomatic pressure to ensure these agreements are followed and to take meaningful action if violations occur.

The steps agreed in Rimbo, when implemented, will have a tangible impact on the crisis in Yemen. However, future rounds of talks must secure agreement on outstanding issues necessary to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people. Firstly, a UN supported ceasefire must be extended to the entire country. Second, salaries for public health workers and essential civil servants must be paid. Thirdly, an agreement to re-open Sana'a airport should be agreed. Finally, for Yemen to take the next vital steps towards peace, warring parties must be held accountable for commitments to return to the table in January to build on the progress made this week.

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