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Demand Progress Hails Gov. Jerry Brown Restoring Net Neutrality Protections for 40 million Californians

Now it is time for Congress to restore net neutrality in all 50 states


The following statement regarding the signing into law of SB 822 can be attributed to Robert Cruickshank, Campaign Director at Demand Progress:

"This is a big day for net neutrality. Gov. Jerry Brown has just restored a free and open internet to the 40 million people of California -- the world's fifth largest economy and home to many major tech companies. This law passed with a large bipartisan majority thanks to an unprecedented outpouring of community activism the likes of which Sacramento has not seen for some time. We now urge the U.S. House of Representatives, especially members representing California, to quickly sign the discharge petition and force a vote to use the Congressional Review Act to restore net neutrality for all 50 states."

Demand Progress amplifies the voice of the people -- and wields it to make government accountable and contest concentrated corporate power. Our mission is to protect the democratic character of the internet -- and wield it to contest concentrated corporate power and hold government accountable.