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450,000+ Comments Against Keystone XL Pipeline Delivered to Nebraska Commission

Comments were delivered during hearings on whether to allow Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

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Today, over 461,000 public comments were delivered to the Nebraska Public Service Commissioners, urging them to reject a construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline through the state. The comments were collected by Bold Nebraska, CREDO, Sierra Club,, Oil Change International, Civic Action, Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Friends of the Earth U.S.

(WATCH: Facebook Live video of delivery feat. comments from Bold Nebraska's Jane Kleeb:

The pipeline, which would carry 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day through multiple states and onto the export market, would pass through land in Nebraska that farmers and ranchers have refused to sell to the pipeline company, TransCanada. The comment delivery took place during hearings held by the Nebraska Public Service Commission to determine whether or not to grant a construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

A day before the hearings on August 6th, hundreds from Nebraska and surrounding states marched through the streets of Lincoln, highlighting the threat that Keystone XL poses to farmers, Tribal Nations, the climate, and countless communities along its route. Commissioners are expected to issue a decision on the matter by November 23rd. If the permit is granted, it would mandate the use of eminent domain for private gain, forcing Nebraskans to sell their land for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry.


Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska:

"The amount of opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline is clear. Our water, property rights, climate and the Sovereign Rights of Native Nations are in the public interest and must be protected from this foreign tarsands pipeline."

Sara Shor, Keep it in the Ground Campaign Manager,

"The Nebraska Public Service Commission has hundreds of thousands of people who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline. People across the country have been fighting Keystone XL for years -- they didn't want it from the beginning, and they don't want it now. This pipeline is and has always been a threat to our water, land, and climate, and the risks are not worth the reward. Already, solar panels are lining Keystone's proposed route, putting solutions in the path of the problem. It's time to stop this pipeline for good and invest in the renewable energy future we need."

John Crabtree, Campaign Representative, Sierra Club:

"For years, Nebraskans and concerned citizens across the country have made it clear that building Keystone XL would be wrong for Nebraska and wrong for America. Today's comment delivery represents the massive movement urging the PSC to protect Nebraska's land, water, and wildlife by rejecting this dirty, dangerous tar sands pipeline."

Josh Nelson, Deputy Political Director, CREDO:
"Hundreds of thousands of people around the country know that the Keystone XL pipeline is a bad idea that would pollute our water supplies and supercharge climate change. We'll soon find out if the Nebraska Public Service Commission is willing to stand up to Trump and a Canadian oil company by denying the permit needed for the pipeline to move forward. With a so-called president who publicly denies climate science and an administration in the pocket of Big Oil, it is crucial for state agencies to do their part by rejecting dirty fossil fuel projects like Keystone XL."

Collin Rees, Campaigner, Oil Change International:

"The Nebraska Public Service Commission faces a clear choice: Stand with a foreign oil company that has publically admitted they might not build this pipeline even if they get the permits, or stand with the people of Nebraska and a renewable energy future. Native tribes, farmers, ranchers, Nebraskans, and millions of activists around the globe have been fighting this Keystone XL for years, and they'll keep fighting until it's stopped for good. There's no sense in approving a pipeline full of tar sands, the dirtiest oil on earth, when we know we can't develop new fossil fuels and remain within climate limits. The PSC must reject this dirty export pipeline."

Marcie Keever, Director, Friends of the Earth:

"In the streets of Lincoln and across the state, Nebraskans have made their unified voice heard: Do not build this pipeline across our state. The fact that Nebraska has become the last line of defense between this dirty pipeline and our nation's clean water and clean air is a testament to the corruption and backroom dealings that put KXL in motion. It is time for the Nebraska Public Service Commission to listen to the people, instead of a corporation that is dead-set on destroying our environment so that their executives can profit."

Taylor McKinnon, campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity

"Propping up Canada's dying oil industry isn't worth the damage that Keystone XL would inflict on our land, water, wildlife and climate. The public gets this and has for years -- which is why so many people voiced their opposition again today. It's time for the Nebraska Public Service Commission to end Keystone XL for good."

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