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CODEPINK Brings Colorful Audacious Resistance to the Inauguration of Donald Trump and the Women's March on Washington


CODEPINK will be visible in our dissent of the inauguration of president-elect Donald J. Trump. We will Rise^Love^Resist for 3 days in the streets of WDC. Dancing, Singing, Hugging, Loving and sharing the world of peace and justice we want to live in. We will be engaged in the following actions and activities from January 18-21.

"We will express the audacious power of women to stand up to militarism, misogyny and hate, and to be in solidarity with those most vulnerable within the US and in the countries negatively affected by US foreign policy," said CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans.

"While CODEPINK protested the endless wars during the Obama years, very few people came out to join us. Now we have an outpouring of women--young, elderly, former activists and newbies--who are determined to get active," said Ariel Gold, a mother of two young teenagers. "This inauguration is just the beginning."

January 18 12:00 PM 1241 Evarts St NE Washington, DC. - CODEPINK invites the media to film and do interviews as we prepare for our inauguration activities. We will be creating hearts and other materials that we will use during out bold creative actions to protest Trump's inauguration and incoming administration.

January 19 2:30 PM Lincoln Memorial - CODEPINK will protest Trump's Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration Concert. We will meet at the Soldiers Statue of the Vietnam War Memorial on the Mall just northeast of the Lincoln Memorial to welcome concert attendees with messages of ending war and militarism; welcoming refugees and immigrants; stopping hate, racism, and islamophobia; and more.

January 20 8:00 AM Union Station - CODEPINK will gather at Union Station to perform the One Billion Rising flash mob dance to raise awareness and bring bring an end to violence and oppression against women. From there CODEPINK will march to the 10th St and Pennsylvania Ave checkpoint. We will participate in the 12 pm march from Columbus Circle (in front of Union Station) to McPherson Square. We will attend the Answer Rally at Freedom Plaza and we will station ourselves along the inauguration parade route.

January 20 6:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center - CODEPINK will be in front of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center where Donald Trump will be attending two official inaugural balls. We will be dressed in signature pink holding bright creative signs and wearing "pussy hats" that have been handmade across the country for the Women's March. We will also use humor: Billionaires for Trump (including an 18-foot puppet) and a paper mache bobblehead image of Donald Trump. We will again perform the One Billion Rising flashmob dance.

January 21 8:30 AM Steps of the Hubert Humphrey Building at 200 Independence Ave - CODEPINK will gather to participate in the Women's March on Washington. We will be dressed in our signature bright colorful fashion, wearing pussy hats and marching with hearts, banners, signs, umbrellas, and more.

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

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