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Environmental Leaders Call on President-Elect Trump to Renounce Hate, Rescind Bannon and Sessions Appointments


In a statement released Monday, executives and board members from twenty-six leading environmental organizations spoke out against rising intolerance in the wake of the Presidential election and expressed solidarity with national and global movements for civil rights, social justice and an inclusive economy.

Noting with alarm the rapid, abhorrent and dangerous rise in racist and violent acts in the wake of the election, the environmental leaders' Statement on Civil and Human Rights, Social Justice and an Inclusive Economy condemned the language and actions during and since the election that have encouraged those acts.

"The environmental movement is, at its heart, about protecting the home we all share, not just for ourselves but for the generations to come," the statement declares. "There is a place for everyone in that home. But there is not a place for hate."

The environmental leaders committed to oppose hatred and abuses of civil and human rights because they are incompatible with a just and sustainable future.

"As the only membership group for board members of color and indigenous board members of national environmental organizations, we stand together to ensure the preservation of our environment includes the protection of its people," says Allison Chin, Green Leadership Trust Co- Chair. "This election has made some long standing threats to justice and inclusivity very visible and dangerous. We are committed to fighting these threats."

The leaders expressed solidarity with efforts to end structural racism and to empower women, people of color, immigrants, indigenous, disabled, and LGBTQi people as fully equal and fully safe members of our society. They further committed to champion efforts to foster an inclusive economy that is both just and sustainable.

"We cannot protect our shared environment unless people feel safe speaking out in its defense," said Carroll Muffett, President of the Center for International Environmental Law. "More fundamentally, we can't protect this country as a functioning democracy unless we protect and value equally everyone who calls it home."

Noting the unique and grave responsibility of the Presidency to protect all Americans equally, the statement calls on the President-elect to fully uphold that responsibility, including by ensuring that all his nominees and appointees honor fundamental civil rights and embody civility befitting the offices for which they have been selected. Joining leaders from across other social movements, the environmental leaders called on the President-elect to rescind the appointment of Steven Bannon as Chief Strategic Advisor and withdraw the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General to demonstrate that he will represent all equally and protect the rights of all people.

"Protection of our planet is an absolute necessity for the survival and health of the human race and other species," the leaders concluded. "And a strong commitment to human rights for all is a fundamental building block to the protection of our planet."

Read full statement here.

Since 1989, the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) has worked to strengthen and use international law and institutions to protect the environment, promote human health, and ensure a just and sustainable society.