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PCCC on Sanders Endorsing Clinton

"College affordability was a major topic during a high-profile meeting Clinton held with Sanders last month." — The Washington Post

PCCC Statement on Bernie Sanders Endorsing Hillary Clinton:

"Bernie Sanders' endorsement is the latest proof that the Democratic Party is increasingly unified around big, bold, progressive ideas -- and that is good for Democrats in November.

"Bernie Sanders incentivized Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to campaign on popular ideas, like expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them, breaking up Too Big To Fail banks, and debt-free college -- the most prominent and deciding factor in earning Sanders' endorsement.

"Sanders-Clinton unity on debt-free college is the model for down-ballot Democrats. Enabling students to attend public colleges or universities and graduate with zero debt is a winning issue in red, purple, and blue states. Keeping the volume high on Elizabeth Warren-style ideas is a wise political move and a powerful way to defeat Trump's attempt to woo swing voters on economic issues.

"With the Democratic Party on track to ratify the most progressive platform in recent history, and Clinton continuing to campaign on progressive ideas, Sanders supporters can feel good that they helped to transform the future of the Democratic Party and America."

-- Kait Sweeney, PCCC Press Secretary and former Sanders campaign staffer

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( is a million-member grassroots organization building power at the local, state and federal levels. It engages in electoral work and issue advocacy work -- fighting on democracy issues and for economic populist priorities like expanding Social Security, Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, student debt cancellation, and Wall Street reform. PCCC has been a proud supporter of Elizabeth Warren since her first run for Senate and was the first national political organization to endorse her for president in the 2020 election.