As Congress Starts Hearings on Planned Parenthood, Women’s Group Goes on Offense with New Abortion Ad on Local TV

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As Congress Starts Hearings on Planned Parenthood, Women’s Group Goes on Offense with New Abortion Ad on Local TV

New Abortion Myths and Facts Ad To Air on Local News, Dancing with the Stars, and Colbert Where Planned Parenthood Attacks Originated

WASHINGTON - As Congress holds its first official witch-hunt hearing into Planned Parenthood today, in a push that could lead to a government shutdown, women’s group UltraViolet is going on offense in the fight for women’s access to abortion health care. A national six figure ad buy launching today features a video laying out myths and facts about abortion, including how common it is, the kinds of difficulties women have accessing the procedure, and more. The ad will air on local news and during popular shows like Colbert and Dancing with the Stars in Austin and Denver, where the original Planned Parenthood attacks started, in Columbus, OH, and nationally online. Online, the ads will be featured on Cosmo and Facebook.

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The multi-faceted campaign will also feature billboards across from crisis pregnancy centers in Austin and Columbus reminding folks that the vast majority of women are happy they had abortions.


“It’s time to go on the offensive to assure women get access to the health care they need,” said Nita Chaudhary, Co-founder of UltraViolet. “Congress is wildly out of touch with their Planned Parenthood witch hunt-- one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetimes-- this is a safe, essential, life saving part of healthcare that women feel strongly about. We won’t just sit back and watch the war on women, we are going out on local news shows, on popular TV show premiers, and in online ads nationwide dispelling myths and spreading the truth about this essential issue for women.”



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