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A One Vote Margin to Stop Keystone XL Today


A few minutes ago, dozens of people flooded onto Capitol Hill and started sit-ins inside the offices of Senators planning to vote for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

The Senate vote on Keystone is planned for this evening, and it literally couldn't be closer -- Big Oil just needs one more Senator to support them to pass a bill to force approval of the pipeline. The outcome will rest on whether we, the people, can tip the scales against Big Oil's big money here in the coming hours. Folks in DC are doing their part with bold action today. Can you do yours?

As of this morning Senator Angus King of Maine is planning to vote against the pipeline, which is good news. But since the vote is so close, Big Oil is going to have the pressure on, and we don't want to take anything for granted. We're calling Senators everywhere today to make sure they know we're watching. Can you call Sen. King and ask him to stand strong today?

Click here to call Sen. King:

Last week, Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Cyril Scott described building Keystone XL without prior and informed consent of his people as an act of war. Yesterday farmer Art Tanderup, whose land would be crossed by the pipeline, stood on Capitol Hill and pledged to continue fighting back no matter what.

Today the climate movement is showing that we take their words seriously, and that we will stand with them.

It looks like President Obama is likely to veto any legislation to approve the pipeline, even if it does pass the Senate. That's testament to the power of courageous grassroots organizing that has turned Keystone XL from a done deal into Big Oil's biggest headache.

But it's not a reason to rest: next year we'll be facing even tougher tests with the new climate denier majority in Congress. Pushing back -- and starting to go on offense against the fossil fuel industry -- will require bold, creative actions like those underway today.

We can't all be in DC today, but we can all pitch in. Can you call now to stand against Keystone XL before the vote tonight? Click here to call your Senator.

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