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Global Wind Day Attracts Families Calling on Gov. Christie to Advance Offshore Wind Power Projects

Kids use kites to show abundance of clean, renewable wind power on Jersey’s shores

Asbury Park and Ocean City, NJ

Today groups of parents, kids and Sierra Club members gathered at beaches in Asbury Park and Ocean City for Global Wind Day to celebrate the abundance of clean, renewable wind on New Jersey's shoreline. Participants flew kites along to the beach to demonstrate the power of wind on the shores and called on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to advance stalled efforts to develop offshore wind power.

"I want my kids to grow up in a healthier, cleaner energy future where they don't have to worry about pollution from dirty energy sources poisoning their air and water," said Donna Henry, a mom of two kids and Sierra Club volunteer who helped plan the Ocean City event. "Off the coast of New Jersey is a massive wind resource that we can use to power our homes, businesses and schools with clean, renewable energy - that's the future I want to see for my kids."

Governor Christie signed the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act into law nearly two years ago, but since then offshore wind has been at a standstill in New Jersey, causing the state to miss out on the opportunity to create jobs, boost the economy and become a clean energy leader.

"We have enough wind off our coast to meet most of New Jersey's electric needs. The money and the jobs from offshore wind stay here, giving a critical boost to our state and local economies," said Jeff Tittel, Director of the Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter.

"Governor Christie says he is for wind but he has been stalling New Jersey's program for two years. The Governor's actions show he is stuck in the past - he has raided our clean energy funds and is now subsidizing fossil fuels plants for close to $2 billion rather than investing in the energy of the future. We need the Governor to stand up for good jobs and a strong New Jersey economy by promoting offshore wind and advancing it through the final administrative barriers that are holding us back."

Offshore wind is already an established global industry with 4,000MW of offshore wind capacity installed in Europe, and China planning to increase the installed capacity of its offshore wind sector to 5,000MW by 2015 and 30,000MW by 2020[1].

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15th. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.

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