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Leena Al-Arian
Communications Coordinator, MECA

Museum Stands By Decision to Censor Palestinian Children’s Exhibit

WASHINGTON - Despite the massive outcry against its censorship of a Palestinian children’s art exhibit, the Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA) in Oakland has refused to change its decision to cancel “A Child’s View From Gaza.”

The Museum’s Board of Directors, which voted to cancel the art exhibit one week ago following enormous pressure from pro-Israel groups, received a letter from the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), along with thousands more from supporters around the country, requesting that they reverse their decision by Thursday, September 15.

Regrettably, on Tuesday, September 12, MOCHA’s Board President Hilmon Sorey posted an open letter on the organization’s website defending the cancelation of the exhibit, citing community concerns about the “violent” nature of the images. However, the images depicted in the art exhibit drawn by Palestinian children in fact decry the use of violence against a defenseless civilian population.

The Museum itself has previously presented wartime artwork, including drawings by Iraqi children that show U.S. tanks and weaponry, as well as another exhibit of World War II imagery. One letter writer also reminded MOCHA that pro-Israel groups routinely sponsor student trips to Holocaust museums around the country that feature images of Nazi horror.

“We are very disappointed in MOCHA’s insistence to silence the voices of Palestinian children, despite its long history of presenting similar wartime art. MOCHA's double standard when it comes to Palestinian children shows that its decision was political in nature,” said Barbara Lubin, Executive Director of MECA.


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In fact, days after MOCHA announced the cancelation of the exhibit, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay boasted to several media outlets to pressuring the museum to make that decision.

Unfortunately, this disturbing incident is just one example of many across the nation in which certain groups have successfully silenced the Palestinian perspective, which includes artistic expression. Last year, the Jewish Federation of North America and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs launched a $6 million initiative to effectively silence Palestinian voices even in “cultural institutions.” 

“It is very sad that the children artists in Gaza have been forced to live under siege by Israel since 2006. By silencing these Palestinian children, the pro-Israel groups succeeded to stretch the siege from Gaza to Oakland,” said Ziad Abbas, Associate Director of MECA.

MECA will present “A Child’s View From Gaza” in the courtyard outside of MOCHA on the scheduled opening date, September 24. We promise you that the voices of these children will not be silenced, not in Gaza, and certainly not in the Bay Area.


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Founded in 1988 by Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine, the Middle East Children's Alliance is a Berkeley-based non-profit humanitarian aid organization that has delivered more than $10 million in food, medicine and medical supplies to children in the West Bank and Gaza, Iraq and Lebanon.  MECA also provides financial assistance to community groups working with children in the Palestine/Israel.

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