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Jess Levin (202)

Coalition: Lou Dobbs "Does Not Deserve a Platform on Any Television Network"


in response to Fox Business Network's announcement that it had hired former CNN
host Lou Dobbs to host a show on their network, Media Matters for America, America's Voice, and LULAC released
the following joint statement:

The wounds left by Lou Dobbs' CNN
tenure have not been forgotten. He spent years pursuing a dangerous crusade
against immigrants, and
his last few months there were dedicated to pushing
ridiculous conspiracy theories about the president's birth certificate. That style of
'journalism' may be par for the course at Fox, but that doesn't make it right. Lou Dobbs
does not deserve a platform on any television
network - even one with ratings as low as Fox Business Network.


Dobbs left CNN in November 2009 after repeatedly
the network by dabbling in absurd conspiracy theories about
President Obama's birth certificate. Dobbs also caused friction at the network
due to his coverage of immigration. Media
, America's
Voice, and LULAC were previously members of the Drop Dobbs Coalition, which was
launched to call attention to Dobbs' incendiary hate speech and falsehoods.

The Drop
Dobbs Coalition included numerous national civil rights and other groups
concerned about the kind of hate promoted daily by Dobbs on his television and
radio programs, including NDN, National Council of La Raza, National Hispanic
Media Coalition, The Hispanic Institute, Southern Poverty Law Center, Netroots
Nation, Voto Latino, LCLAA, Center for New Community, Reform Immigration for
America, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, the National Puerto Rican Coalition, and GALEO.

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