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People For, CREDO, Brave New Foundation Deliver Petitions Demanding Unbiased Textbooks


For the American Way Foundation, CREDO, and Brave New Foundation today
delivered over 131,000 petitions to the offices of McGraw-Hill in New
urging the publisher to reject Texas' right-wing curriculum standards
publish textbooks free of political ideology or bias.

In adopting its latest
curriculum, the Texas Board of Education tossed aside recommendations of
historians and educational professionals in favor of an overtly
approach to history. Materials were added to support disgraced Senator
Joseph McCarthy and cast aspersions on the Civil Rights movement. Labor
and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta was removed from the curriculum,
conservative icons like Phyllis Schlafly, Newt Gingrich and the Heritage
Foundation were added. Because Texas is one of the largest textbook
markets in the country, its curriculum standards often are incorporated
textbooks distributed throughout the country.

Brave New Foundation's
Cuentame has created an online short about the Texas textbooks to
accompany the

To view the piece, please go
to: Cuentame

"The Texas State Board of
Education embarrassed itself and its state when it passed curriculum
that so blatantly twist American history and values," said People For
American Way Foundation President Michael B. Keegan. "It's bad enough
that this
dishonest history will be taught to millions of Texas schoolchildren; it
be allowed to become the norm throughout the country. Textbook
should be in the business of education, not politics."

"Book publishers in
America have long been fierce defenders of the first amendment and the
to read," explained Becky Bond, Political Director of CREDO Action.
"We expect Macmillan to continue this proud tradition and refuse to
publish textbooks that are explicitly anti-science and mandate the
teaching of
a distorted view of U.S. history to our nation's school children."

"We need to urge
textbook publishers to refrain from being part of the conservatives'
revisionist agenda; it has no place in our public schools. Printing
these books
impacts other states too, due to the size of Texas and their purchasing
We need to let teachers and educators decide what goes into our history
and keep politics out of our children's education," said Axel Caballero
Brave New Foundation's Cuentame.

Delivering the petitions,
PFAW Foundation, CREDO and Brave New Foundation were joined by tenants
Kittay House, Jewish Home Lifecare's independent senior-living apartment
residence in the Bronx. Signatures from ninety-one Kittay seniors were
those delivered. Tenant Rhoda Kaufman says, "We are furious that the
Board of Education is attempting to re-write history. Even though we're
our voices still count and hope that our participation in the petition
the publishers to reject controversial standards."

People For the American Way works to build a democratic society that implements the ideals of freedom, equality, opportunity and justice for all. We encourage civic participation, defend fundamental rights, and fight to dismantle systemic barriers to equitable opportunity. We fight against right-wing extremism and the injustice it fosters.

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