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Brave New Foundation Releases 'How Would You Spend $1 Trillion?' to Highlight $1 Trillion Spent on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

“How Would You Spend $1 Trillion” Comes on the Eve of Memorial Day Following One Thousand American Deaths in the War in Afghanistan

New Foundation and the National Priorities Project team up to remind
that on May 30th, the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is
expected to
reach one trillion dollars.  This comes on the eve of an especially
noteworthy Memorial Day, as the country has recently surpassed one
thousand deaths
of American soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

To convey the true costs of a sum of money as large as $1
trillion, Brave New Foundation has created "How Would You Spend $1
an online short and application, to highlight the massive cost of war
contrast it with the benefits that Americans could be spending that
funding on
instead, such as job creation, education, and health care.

To view the application and video, please click below:

"When one trillion dollars are spent on the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, it is very telling of our national priorities. Those
dollars could pay for a year of health care for 300 million Americans,
grants for 188 million students, or 8 million units of affordable
housing; the
list goes on and on. The trade offs are especially difficult to digest
the current economic recession the country is facing." Jo
Executive Director, National Priorities Project

"The amount of money that we've spent on these wars is
tragic. With people losing their jobs and homes, our inability to
provide basic
healthcare to everyone, and a struggling economy, it is unfathomable
that we
have instead spent one trillion dollars on these two wars that are not
us any more secure. We need to get our priorities straight."
Greenwald, Director, Rethink Afghanistan



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