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National Low Income Housing Coalition Honored for Support of Hurricane Recovery in Mississippi


The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) was
honored by the Mississippi Center for Justice at the 2010 Mississippi on
the Potomac
Reception on Tuesday, May 11. Reilly Morse, Senior Attorney at the
Center for Justice, presented NLIHC with the award.

NLIHC was honored for its work to address the injustices suffered by
Mississippi's victims of Hurricane Katrina, while helping to correct
disparities in Mississippi's use of disaster recovery funds.

"In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, homeless Mississippians had
something to be grateful for: an influential and powerful ally in the
Low Income Housing Coalition," the event program read. "For the
past four years, NLIHC has lent crucial support, advice and access to
of the Center for Justice to secure fairness and equity in disaster
recovery. Led by Sheila Crowley, NLIHC has closely worked with the
Center on
virtually every federal aspect of disaster housing."

"The availability of affordable housing continues to plague far too
many communities across the country, and Mississippi is no exception,"
said Mississippi Representative Bennie G. Thompson (D). "The National
Income Housing Coalition has worked tirelessly to help those impacted by
natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and generally promote the
implementation of sound housing policy. I look forward to the
continued work in my home state and others."

"NLIHC's work with the
Mississippi Center for Justice has provided critical assistance to those
families that need it the most," said Mississippi Representative Travis
Childers (D). "In today's tough economic times, natural disasters and
unfair policies have an even worse impact on hard-working Mississippians
struggling to make ends meet. NLIHC is helping to uplift these
individuals and
families and ensure they have a place to call home."

"Washington must support the
ongoing efforts to help the Gulf Coast make a full recovery, and NLIHC
committed to ensuring Congress and the Administration do not lose sight
of the
unmet housing need," NLIHC President Sheila Crowley said.

More information on NLIHC's
work on Hurricane Recovery is available at:

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to ending America's affordable housing crisis. Established in 1974 by Cushing N. Dolbeare, NLIHC educates, organizes and advocates to ensure decent, affordable housing within healthy neighborhoods for everyone. NLIHC provides up-to-date information, formulates policy and educates the public on housing needs and the strategies for solutions.