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Mr. President: Americans Want Action on Immigration Reform, Not a Process

Obama Promises Process Instead of Urgency on Reform this Year


At a White House reception celebrating Cinco De
Mayo last night, President Barack Obama deflated momentum
on the prospects of immigration reform in the near future, stating only
that he wants to "begin work this year" on reform and warning the
audience that securing the legislation will be difficult.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director
of America's Voice:

"We need bold and immediate leadership from
the President if we are to have a chance to enact comprehensive
immigration reform this year. Arizona just declared open season on
Latino immigrants, more than a half million people took to the streets
this past Saturday to protest the inaction in Washington, Senate
Democrats have stepped up with a centrist and serious reform proposal,
and the window of opportunity for legislative movement before the
mid-terms is about to close. And what the President wants is a
process? This is a prescription for delay not deliverance.

None other than pundit Chris Matthews 'gets it'
more than the President. Last night he said now is the time for
politicians seeking re-election in the fall to "get serious about
immigration reform" and asked pointedly, "Why is it so hard to do what's
so plainly right? What the American people, most of us, clearly want

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