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Members of Congress Are Spreading Climate Science Conspiracy Theories, Scientist Says


Today, opponents of climate
legislation used a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming
hearing to forward conspiracy
about stolen e-mails from climate scientists. Presidential Science
Advisor John Holdren and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Administrator Jane Lubchenco dismissed erroneous claims from members of
Congress and reiterated the evidence underpinning modern climate science. Later
today, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is expected to use a Senate Environment and
Public Works Committee hearing to advance similar misleading charges.

Below is a statement by Brenda Ekwurzel, a climate scientist
in the Union of Concerned Scientists' Climate and Energy Program:

"Opponents of climate change legislation are trying to
deceive the American public on climate science. After years attacking the
science on its merits and failing, they're now using stolen e-mails to attack
climate scientists directly.

"Our understanding of climate science is based on decades of
research from thousands of scientists. These e-mails don't affect what we know
about human activity driving dangerous levels of global warming or the measures
we must take to address it.

"Senators and members of Congress should stop spreading
conspiracy theories."

The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. UCS combines independent scientific research and citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices.