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Healthcare: Devil in the Details


Lieberman directs the health and medical reporting program in the
graduate school of journalism at City University of New York and is a
contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review. A complete
archive of her Campaign Desk articles can be found here .

Her pieces include a string of articles titled "Who Will Be at the
Table?" -- which tracks the efforts of various lobbies. Another series
is "Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts," since that state's
legislation has become the blueprint for health system change on a
national scale, and its advocates have aggressively marketed some
variation of the Massachusetts plan as the reform of choice.

Other recent pieces include: "The Devil in the Details, Part I:
The tug-of-war over penalties for not buying coverage," "The Devil in
the Details, Part II: Who can afford health insurance after reform?"
and "Truth Emerges about the Public Option: Who really will be allowed
to join?"

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