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Senate Confirms Thomas Perez


The United States Senate today confirmed the nomination of Thomas
Perez to be Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of
the Department of Justice. Perez was nominated by President Obama to
fill the position on March 31, 2009. People For the American Way
President Michael B. Keegan issued the following statement.

"Everyone who cares about civil rights should be glad that Tom Perez
has finally been confirmed. After the rank politicization of the Civil
Rights Division under the Bush Administration, it's ridiculous that it
took so many months to confirm a candidate as obviously qualified as
Mr. Perez. I'm confident that in his new role, Tom Perez will work to
repair the reputation of the Civil Rights Division and the DOJ as
impartial advocates for the rule of law and the rights of all

"Unfortunately, this nomination is far from the last to be delayed
by needless obstruction from Senate Republicans. Nominees to important
offices, like Dawn Johnsen who has been nominated to head the Office of
Legal Counsel, have been languishing for months. It's time for members
of the Senate to stop playing politics with the rule of law and move
forward on confirming President Obama's qualified nominees for the
Department of Justice and our federal courts."

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