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Obama Family to Visit Yellowstone National Park This Weekend

National Parks Provide Living Classrooms for Visitors and Schoolchildren

WASHINGTON - "We are delighted that President Obama and his family, like
thousands of others across the country, are taking advantage of the
National Park Service's free admission weekend to visit Yellowstone National Park.
The President's visit underscores the important role our national parks
play as living classrooms, and the need for additional funding to
ensure these educational opportunities remain available across the

"From the roaming bison at Yellowstone to the battlefields of Gettysburg,
our national parks have tremendous potential for teaching and exciting
children about our shared history as well as science, civics, and a
variety of other topics. The upcoming centennial of the Park Service in
2016 gives us the opportunity to improve educational opportunities
involving national parks to inspire and teach our future historians,
educators, and scientists.

"There is an approximate $600-million annual operating shortfall and
a backlog of maintenance projects that exceeds $8 billion, and more
than $2 billion of private land to be acquired within park boundaries.
We must ensure our national parks are well funded to address the parks'
crumbling historic buildings and trails, enhance the Park Service's
ability to protect wildlife, and provide needed public education and
services. Further, as our nation becomes more diverse our national
parks should fully represent our evolving history, culture, and
diversifying population. By adding more park sites to the system we can
make park visits more meaningful to all Americans.

"We hope Americans take this opportunity to visit a national park
this weekend and reconnect with our national history, culture, and
irreplaceable American treasures."


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