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Who Killed the Peace Process?

Jesse Rosenfeld: Anger at Israel and the PA in West Bank may pave the way for a 3rd intifada Pt.2/2

WASHINGTON - Israel aggression towards Gaza have been carried out for over two weeks now. With demonstrators protesting in both cities and most surrounding cities many people are making claims that this could be the third intifada. The Real News spoke to freelance journalist Jesse Rosenfeld in Israel to discuss the significance of these events.

With the PA being engaged in the "peace process" with Israel and its security forces aiding the Israeli attempt at stopping Palestinian resistance to the occupation and the attack on Gaza Rosenfeld says that Palistinian citizens "have a complete disregard for the Palestinian authority".

According to Rosenfeld "when people talk about a new intifada breaking out, people talk about it breaking out both against the PA and Israel".

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