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Pakistan Under Pressure


Saeed Shah investigates origin of Ajmal Amir Qasab, only gunman caught in Mumbai attacks

The Indian government has announced that they believe the attacks in Mumbai were organized by people based in Pakistan. India's Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee is demanding that the government of Pakistan take action in apprehending suspects wanted in connection with the Mumbai attacks stating, "Now we have asked..for the hand over and arrest of those persons who have settled in Pakistan."

This demand has been supported by the United States government during recent visits by Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice; "It is still Pakistan's responsibility to respond."

President elect Obama has also reinforced this position and commented on India's right to hot pursuit; "If a country is attacked it has the right to defend itself."

In it's defense, the Pakistani government has stated that there is no evidence showing that the attacks were carried out by Pakistani citizens. This indeed was the case until journalist, Saeed Shah found evidence linking these attacks to a small village in Pakistan. The Real News spoke to Shah who visited the village and spoke to locals who "confirmed a picture that I showed them, it was the boy from the village...I also found his family home there, where his mother and father had lived although they had disappeared during the week."

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