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Tim Carpenter, PDA Executive Director, (413)-320-2015
Mary Nichols-Rhodes, PDA Ohio Coordinator, (330)-928-5347

Healthcare Not Warfare Bus Tour Rolls Into Ohio:

Fixing Our Broken Health Care System, Turning Ohio Blue


An All-Star lineup of progressive leaders will tour Ohio on behalf
of the Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign. The Healthcare NOT Warfare Road
Show is raising public awareness and congressional courage to support
real change in health care.

Tim Carpenter, National Director of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA); Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign co-chair Donna Smith and Adrian Campbell, (both from the Michael Moore movie SiCKO and health care reform advocates for the California Nurses Association--CNA/NNOC); Michael Carano
of Single-Payer Action Network of Ohio (SPAN Ohio); and a spokesman
from the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) to be
announced; will lead several rallies and events in the Cleveland,
Akron, and the Youngstown areas.

Bill O'Neill,
candidate for Congressional District 14, will also speak at two of the
events. Mr. O'Neill, a registered nurse and former Judge, will share
his knowledge of our current system and the need for change. This
coalition is calling for the best solution to the health care crisis--a
doctor/patient-run, publicly financed, privately delivered single-payer
system as designed by Rep. John Conyers' House Resolution 676.

Executive Director Tim Carpenter said, "Health care is a prime issue of
the 2008 campaign, as thousands of Americans lose their jobs and their
health care. Our national organizations including PDA, CNA/NNOC, PNHP,
and the state organization SPAN Ohio are pushing candidates and elected
officials to adopt a real solution. We need an efficient,
patient-centered system not dominated by the profit motive. Our
organizations demand comprehensive health care, and we're hardly alone.
Polls show most doctors and a majority of the American public favor
national healthcare--a real solution to the healthcare crisis."

added, "The insurance industry remains the main obstacle to a less
expensive, more efficient health system designed to provide care to
patients rather than emphasize corporate profits. The current private
insurance-based health coverage system increases corporate profits by
denying care. The members of our GOTV Bus Tour hope to lead the United
States in joining every other industrialized nation in the world by
implementing an expanded and improved Medicare-like system focused on
health care, guaranteed to take care of people, and promote wellness
for all Americans. This would actually save the taxpayers $billions and
improve health care for all Americans."

For an updated schedule of events, please click here.

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