Voting is A Right, Not A Privilege

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Voting is A Right, Not A Privilege

WASHINGTON - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today introduced legislation that
would protect Americans' right to vote if they fell victim to
foreclosure.  Due to the current economic turmoil, many Americans,
including renters who faithfully paid their rents, have had foreclosure
proceedings initiated against their residences.

"The right to vote should not be revoked for any economic reason. This
legislation will make it clear that the right to vote is guaranteed
regardless of economic position," stated Kucinich.

With votes of millions of Americans at risk because they have been
caught up in foreclosure proceedings, Rep. Kucinich is pushing to
ensure that individuals who reside in a residence subject to
foreclosure proceedings may vote in the 2008 general election.

"Although it is late in the legislative calendar, we need to ensure the
swift passage of this legislation in order to protect the
Constitutional rights of all Americans in time for the November 4
election," added Kucinich.



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