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The Very Important Case Against More Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Serious policymakers all agree that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.

Daryl G. Kimball ·

A Cheer for Irma the Caricaturist: A Message in a Bottle From My Mother

Small classics of mobilized wartime effort at the most personal level imaginable.

Tom Engelhardt ·

Trump Wanted to Shoot Protesters, Says His Former Pentagon Chief

Mark Esper claims in a new book that the former president asked: "Can't you just shoot them? Just shoot them in the legs or something?"

Andrea Germanos ·

Kinzinger Introduces Measure to Allow US Military Intervention in Ukraine

The authorization—which would only apply if Russia uses biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons—comes as anti-war voices worldwide call for diplomacy to find a path toward peace.

Jessica Corbett ·

War in Ukraine Is Pushing Global Hunger to Worst Level in This Century

The people of Ukraine deserve all of the attention and help that they are receiving—but the international community must not lose sight of humanitarian suffering elsewhere, including countries far from the spotlight.

Daniel Maxwell ·

Kim Repeatedly Signals North Korea Could 'Preemptively' Use Nuclear Weapons

One expert said his commentary "suggests that new weapons testing rather than dialogue with South Korea or the U.S. is on the horizon."

Jessica Corbett ·

Ukraine: What We've Learned

"We're not doing enough to combat climate change. Russia has launched World War III. And Republicans have lost their minds."

Bob Burnett ·

Prosecute Russian and Other Powerful Countries' War Crimes

A new international security framework needs to be created whereby every country will feel secure that it won't be invaded at the whim and unilateral decision of more powerful countries.

César Chelala ·

Now Is the Time for Canada and the World to Adopt a Feminist Foreign Policy

A feminist foreign policy outlines key principles about who needs to be at the negotiating table, like women peacebuilders who have deep community connections and a vested interest in building peace that is durable.

Beth Woroniuk ·

Ukraine, Existential Threats, and Moving Back From the Brink

We can no longer continue to wage war over finite resources and survive in a nuclear-armed world.

Robert Dodge ·

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