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'Unacceptable and Reckless': Putin Puts Russian Nuclear Forces on 'Special Alert'

"We're horrified that Putin has escalated the potential for nuclear war," said one peace group.

Kenny Stancil ·

US Announces Direct Sanctions on Russia's Putin, Lavrov

The Biden administration announced that it will sanction the Russian president and foreign minister as well as top members of the country's national security team.

Kenny Stancil ·

US Bombed Somalia Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine

"You do not, in fact, have to choose between American and Russian imperialisms," wrote one anti-war reporter. "The correct choice is to detest and resist both."

Kenny Stancil ·

'A Perilous Moment': Groups Warn Putin Invasion Escalates Risk of Nuclear War

"If a nuclear war breaks out," warned one campaigner, "many weapons would be used over several cities, causing tens of millions of instant deaths."

Jake Johnson ·

Brazil's Bolsonaro 'Disauthorizes' VP for Criticizing Russian Invasion

The far-speak leader said only he can speak on the matter.

Andrea Germanos ·

Ukraine Officials Warn Chernobyl Radiation Levels 'Exceeded'

Experts attribute the increased radiation levels to the Russian military's current assault on Ukraine.

Kenny Stancil ·

Could Western Media Hysteria Lead to War With Russia?

Overwrought coverage stoked by alarmist officials and pundits can both shape and ratify bad policy decisions. We’ve seen it before.

Daniel Larison ·

Russia Announces Nuclear Drills Amid Tensions Over Ukraine

"Russia reminds us that it has the world's largest nuclear arsenal," said one observer.

Andrea Germanos ·

Americans Must Recognize the Pain They Are Causing the Afghan People

With some 23 million people in extreme hunger and a million children under age five in immediate danger of starvation, the U.S. should unfreeze all of Afghanistan’s Central Bank assets.

Kathy Kelly ·

Ilhan Omar Blasts 'Unconscionable' Biden Plan to Seize Afghan Assets

"President Biden has the opportunity to make amends right now! He can unfreeze the funds belonging to the Afghan people," said one 9/11 widow.

Brett Wilkins ·

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