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Move Over Weapons Makers, Facebooks Wants Its War Profits Too

A Big Tech and arms makers coalition is hyping the threat from Russia and China to stave off government regulation, and more.

Eli Clifton ·

Pinterest Applauded for Plan to Combat Climate Misinformation

One campaigner said the social media company "has demonstrated great leadership" and urged other platforms to follow suit.

Jessica Corbett ·

Antitrust Day of Action Takes Aim at Power of Tech Giants

"In the fight to hold Big Tech responsible for their wrongdoing, we are at a historic must-win moment," said one advocate.

Julia Conley ·

Climate Groups Say Planetary Impacts of Crypto Mining Could Be Reduced by 99%

"No matter how you feel about bitcoin, pushing those with the power to ensure a code change will make our planet and communities safer from the destructive impacts of climate change."

Common Dreams staff ·

Sanders Opposes America COMPETES Act Over Billions in 'Corporate Welfare'

The senator has proposed amendments that would impose conditions on funding for the "highly profitable" microchip industry and eliminate a $10 billion bailout to Jeff Bezos' space company.

Jessica Corbett ·

Big Tech 'Fundamentally At Odds With Children's Well-Being,' Advocates Say

"Now is the time for Congress to act and enact safeguards that protect children and teens," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

Riding the Blockchain: Can Tech Be Revolutionary?

"We can and should revolutionize the digital space, but alas, the revolution will not be digitized."

Alexandria Shaner ·

Facebook Misled Investors About Battling Climate, Covid Lies: SEC Filings

"Frances Haugen's SEC filing shows yet again that Facebook cannot be trusted and needs Congress to step in to stop the spread of disinformation," said one climate campaigner.

Jessica Corbett ·

Critics Warn of 'Lethal Impact on Privacy' as Senate Advances EARN IT Act

One digital rights advocate says the proposed legislation "would be worse than useless" at its stated goal of combating sexually exploitative content online.

Brett Wilkins ·

Democrats Urge Federal Agencies to Abandon Use of Facial Recognition

"Facial recognition tools pose a serious threat to the public's civil liberties and privacy rights, and Clearview AI's product is particularly dangerous," warn four progressive lawmakers.

Jessica Corbett ·

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