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The Big Tech Antitrust Battle Is A Fight For Democracy

There's a serious possibility that Big Tech's scorched Earth campaign to stop anything akin to real industry oversight or reform will end up working.

Aidan Smith ·

Warren Leads Charge to Ban Sale of People's Health and Location Data

“Health and location data are incredibly sensitive and can be used for a range of harms, from profiling and exploiting consumers to spying on citizens without warrants to carrying out stalking and violence," said one expert.

Julia Conley ·

Reported End to Facebook's 'Murky' Deals With News Giants Sparks Call for 'Truly Fair Marketplace'

"We can't allow our free press to be captured by tech monopolies," warned one advocate.

Brett Wilkins ·

The Government Can (and Should) Make Social Media Platforms Safer for Young Users

A 2018 study indicated that frequent users of image-based social media platforms reported more anxiety, depression, and body image concerns than less frequent users.

Oluwadunni (Dunni) Ojumu ·

'Deny, Deceive, Delay': How 'Evolving' Disinformation Tactics Stymie Climate Action

Pushing for policies requiring Big Tech "to be transparent and accountable about the harms their products create," one campaigner said that "we should not continue this endless game of climate denial whack-a-mole."

Jessica Corbett ·

New Antitrust Summer Campaign Aims to 'Beat Out Big Tech's Lobbyist Machine'

"If we can make enough noise to break through the lobbyist facade, we can get these bills to the floor in the next few weeks, and we will win."

Brett Wilkins ·

Big Tech Mounting Big-Money Fight to Defeat to Corporate Antitrust Bill

The bill is being praised as "simple, bipartisan, wildly popular with voters, and a good first step toward reining in Big Tech."

Andrea Germanos ·

Advocates Offer Cautious Praise of New Digital Privacy Bill in Congress

Fight for the Future's Evan Greer welcomed the legislation while warning that "we cannot allow Big Tech lobbyists and their buddies in the Senate to use this to delay a vote on antitrust bills."

Brett Wilkins ·

Civil Rights Groups Demand Google End Complicity in 'Criminalization of Abortions'

"It's terrifying to consider how the massive amounts of personal data gathered by Google and other companies can now be weaponized against people seeking to exercise their reproductive rights," said one advocate.

Julia Conley ·

How the FCC Can Protect Consumers From Unwanted Political Text Message Spam

Advances in technology, data mining, and list vending have made unwanted political text messaging inexpensive to deploy, virtually impossible to opt-out of and easy to abuse.

Scott Goodstein ·

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