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Sanders Derides GOP for 'Squawking' About Debt Relief But Not Handouts to Billionaires

"I know it is shocking to some Republicans that the government actually on occasion does something to benefit working families and low-income people," said the Vermont senator.

Common Dreams staff ·

Republican AGs, Dark Money Groups Scheme to Sue Over Student Debt Relief

Conservatives are hoping right-wing courts will intervene to deny debt relief to tens of millions of borrowers.

Jake Johnson ·

Biden's Student Debt Relief Plan Is Very Good Economic Policy

The critics are wrong—canceling student debt will actually help ease inflation and benefit working-class borrowers.

Max B. Saw­icky ·

AOC Says Congress Could Reverse Trump Tax Cuts to Cancel All Student Debt

"You could undo the 2017 tax cuts for the 1% and forgive all student loans plus have money left over," said the New York Democrat.

Jake Johnson ·

Ted Cruz Worries Working Class Might 'Get Off the Bong' and Vote After Student Debt Relief

"Republicans revealing what they REALLY think about the working class," said one progressive commentator.

Brett Wilkins ·

Student Loan Debt Is an American Malignancy Born of Ronald Reagan

Forgiving student debt is not a slap at anybody; it's righting a moral wrong inflicted on millions by Reagan and his morbidly rich Republican buddies.

Thom Hartmann ·

Biden's Student Debt Plan Is an Important Step Towards Narrowing the Racial Wealth Divide

Black students have had to take out larger loans and faced greater difficulty paying them back than other borrowers.

Sarah Anderson ·

Why $10,000 in Student Debt Relief Is Not Enough

Joe Biden, and Democrats in Congress, should cancel student debt, all of it. But even that is only the beginning of what must be done to make higher education accessible for all.

India Walton ·

As Student Debt Fight Continues, Progressives Eye Another Goal: Tuition-Free College

"We intend to keep fighting until all student debt is canceled and college is free," said one campaigner.

Jake Johnson ·

Biden Student Debt Relief Plan a 'Big Deal,' Says Sanders, 'But We Have Got to Do More'

"At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, education, from pre-school through graduate school, must be a fundamental right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy few."

Jon Queally ·

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