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Student Debt

Biden Urged to Cancel Student Debt During Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium

"How does it happen that SoFi, a student loan refinancing company, could spend $625 million to put its name on the LA Rams football stadium when 45 million Americans are drowning in $1.8 trillion in student debt?" asked Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Jake Johnson ·

Coalition Urges Biden Admin to Stop Fighting Student Debtors in Bankruptcy Court

"The stubborn commitment to this flawed policy is contrary to the department's mission of protecting students from fraud and ensuring that higher education is a launching point, not a stumbling block," says a new letter.

Kenny Stancil ·

Biden Education Dept. Reverses on Student Debt Case After Reporting Stirred Outrage

"This is why we have to support journalism," one reporter said of The Daily Poster's work exposing the administration's attempt to "overturn a key legal victory for borrowers."

Jessica Corbett ·

$1.5 Trillion in Student Loan Debt Is Sabotaging the Nation's Future

Reagan's policy of starving education and cranking up student debt has made U.S. banks piles of money, but stopped generations of young people from starting businesses, having families, and buying homes.

Thom Hartmann ·

'When You Don't Change People's Lives, People Get Upset,' Says AOC

To reverse slump in Democratic approval ratings, the congresswoman said Biden should start by cancelling student loan debt.

Julia Conley ·

80+ Dems Tell Biden to Release Secret Memo on Student Debt Authority

Leaders in Biden's own party strongly disagree with his insistence that he doesn't have the authority to broadly cancel student debt.

Jake Johnson ·

Biden Criticized for Ignoring Question on Student Debt Promise

"Biden may have dodged a question today, but he won't be able to ignore 45 million student loan borrowers if he attempts to turn payments back on in May," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

To Advance Racial Justice, Cancel Student Debt

Presidential executive action to cancel up to $50,000 in student debts would increase Black wealth by 40 percent.

Sarah Anderson ·

The Ethics, Economics, and Imperative of Cancelling Student Debt

A conversation with economist Marshall Steinbaum.

Richard Eskow ·

After Navient Forgives $1.7B, Progressives Say Cancel All Student Debt

"With one stroke of the pen, President Biden could #CancelStudentDebt for tens of millions and show the American people that the government is on their side."

Brett Wilkins ·

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