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'Quiet Part Out Loud': GOP Warns Biden Student Debt Cancellation Will Hurt Military Recruitment

"The GOP is admitting that the military relies on poor young people to keep the war machine going, and that's why they oppose canceling student debt."

Brett Wilkins ·

Corporate Media Is Trying to Convince People Student Debt Forgiveness Is Bad

By trying to convince voters that debt relief will cost them, and that a more egalitarian society is impossible, corporate media are defending America's ruling class from an educated working class.

Luca GoldMansour ·

Warren Condemns Deceptive and 'Outrageous Behavior' by Student Loan Giant Navient

"While families breathe a sigh of relief, corporations that made billions off a broken student loan system are now busily laying new traps in a shameless, last-ditch effort to try to line their pockets," said the Massachusetts Democrat.

Jon Queally ·

Young Americans' Approval of Biden Soars After He Announces Student Debt Cancellation

"Looks like removing crushing debt burdens for families is a political winner after all," said the Groundwork Collaborative executive director.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Disgusting': Starbucks to Help Its Workers With Student Debt—Unless They're in a Union

After withholding raises from unionized employees earlier this year, "Starbucks is doubling down on the illegality," said one critic.

Jessica Corbett ·

Canceling All Student Debt Would Cost About as Much as The Pentagon's F-35 Boondoggle

When it comes to military spending in the United States, money is no object—even for programs like the F-35, which has been criticized for many years as an expensive failure that should be phased out altogether.

Ashik Siddique ·

'Miserable Little Weasel': Omar Blasts Cruz Over GOP Plan to Kill Student Debt Relief

"The campaign ads practically write themselves," said one progressive group as Republicans turned to reviled student loan servicers and the Supreme Court to block debt relief.

Jake Johnson ·

Warren Grills DOJ on Why It's Still Trying to Crush Student Debtors in Bankruptcy Court

The failure to provide updated guidance on the federal government's onerous "undue hardship" standard is "a severe problem for many borrowers who are in or on the brink of bankruptcy."

Kenny Stancil ·

I'm Living Proof That Biden's Student Loan Debt Relief Is Good Policy

I borrowed modestly, worked on campus, and still had to skip meals to make loan payments—and I was one of the lucky ones.

Olivia Alperstein ·

Organizers Have Fought for Debt Cancellation for Over a Decade—and Their Work Is Far From Finished

Biden's new plan to cancel student debt is a major movement victory, but there's much more to be done for those hardest hit by the crisis.

Sara Herschander ·

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