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Impeach Trump

Impeachment Trial Is Not About Convincing GOP Senators—Many of Whom Were Trump's Co-Conspirators

The point of the impeachment trial is to determine how history will remember Trump's anti-democratic presidency as well as the party that supported him—and media's framing today will have a powerful influence on that eventual verdict.

Julie Hollar ·

'Sociopathic': New Reporting, GOP Lawmaker Account Suggest Trump Sided With Violent Mob During Capitol Attack

"Trump wanted those storming the Capitol to keep him in power. There is no ifs or buts about it," said Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'What the Big Lie Is All About': Sanders Rips Trump Lawyer Over 'Pathetic' Refusal to Acknowledge Election Results

"Three months after the election, and 61 court decisions later, Trump and his attorneys still refuse to acknowledge that he lost the election."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'History Is Watching and So Is The Nation': As Impeachment Trial Wraps Up, Senate Urged to Convict Trump

"It is time for every member of the Senate to do their duty, to put our country first, and safeguard our democracy not only from the former president but from any future autocrat who would trample on our Constitution."

Common Dreams staff ·

WATCH LIVE: Defense to Deliver Rebuttal on Day 4 of Impeachment Trial After Dems Dub Trump 'Inciter-in-Chief'

Over three days, House impeachment managers shared graphic footage of the U.S. Capitol attack and compelling testimony alongside arguments that conviction is essential to thwarting future insurrection attempts.

Common Dreams staff ·

Trump's Guilt Clearly Demonstrated During Senate Trial

The Democrats are now presenting a "slam dunk" impeachment case in the Senate. And it will almost certainly "lose" in "court." What's next?

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

Faced With 'Inarguable Facts' of Trump's Guilt, GOP Senators Falsely Claim Constitution Forbids Voting to Convict

"You see, under a strict construction of the Constitution, it is constitutional for the president to try to murder Congress, but unconstitutional for Congress to do anything about it," said one mocking critic.

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

WATCH LIVE: House Democrats Present Closing Arguments on Day 3 of Trump Impeachment Trial

The House impeachment managers are expected to focus on the former president's complete lack of remorse for his behavior that incited the deadly insurrection.

Common Dreams staff ·

'Looks Like Trump Wasn't Playing Around': President Was Told Pence in Danger Just Minutes Before Twitter Attack on VP

Latest revelation could be put to use by Democratic impeachment managers. And as one observer put it, "When the jurors are also witnesses, strange things happen."

Jon Queally, staff writer ·

WATCH LIVE: On Day Two of Trump Trial, House Dems Set to Unveil New Footage of 'Extreme Violence'

The new footage, said one Democratic aide, "shows a view of the Capitol that is quite extraordinary."

Common Dreams staff ·