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President Trump’s War on the Poor

The economy continues to generate jobs that won’t support a family. That’s why so-called poverty programs—from CHIP to food stamps to public housing to low income heating assistance to Medicaid—are so necessary.

Jesse Jackson ·

Thanks to Trump, 4 Million US Children Are Uninsured as Coverage Declines for Second Year in a Row

Children lost healthcare coverage as Trump delayed CHIP funding, slashed ACA outreach resources, and attacked immigrant families' access to government programs.

Julia Conley ·

'Once Again, Hurting Children': GAO Approves Trump's Plan to Take $7 Billion Back From Kids' Health Program

"The GOP tax cuts for the rich aren't going to pay themselves. That cash has to come from somewhere," tweeted one critic

Jessica Corbett ·

GOP Exhibits 'Bottomless Bad Faith' With New Shutdown Hostage: Community Health Centers

Republicans are now pretending to care about funding for health centers that they allowed to lapse four months ago

Jake Johnson ·

'Crisis No One Is Talking About': GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People

Sens. Sanders and Baldwin demand urgent action as thousands of community health centers face uncertain future without federal funds

Jessica Corbett ·

Despite GOP Efforts to Blast Dems, Americans Blame Republicans for #TrumpShutdown

Critics urge Democrats to "stand strong" while calling on Republicans to end the shutdown "with a bipartisan solution for Dreamers, CHIP, the military, and disaster relief."

Jessica Corbett ·

Resistance Groups Protest #TrumpShutdown as Women's March Begins Weekend of Action

At some of the hundreds of Women's March events taking place across the country on Saturday, attendees voiced their anger over the GOP's refusal to include immigrant protections in a spending bill to keep the government running

Julia Conley ·

DACA Supporters Denounce GOP's 'Racist Agenda' As #TrumpShutdown Takes Hold

"American voters expect Republicans—who control all branches of government—to figure this out and pass a spending deal that reflects American values."

Julia Conley ·

Progressive Groups Rally Ahead of Possible #TrumpShutdown to Condemn 'Racist, Anti-Immigrant Agenda'

"If the Republicans DO shut down the government, be the first to say '#DoYourJob, pass the #DreamAct, and end the #TrumpShutdown now!'"

Jessica Corbett ·

Pitting 'Kids Against Dreamers,' GOP Exploiting CHIP Funds to Trap Dems on Spending Bill

"It's unconscionable that Republicans delayed CHIP for months to use kids as a bargaining chip to entice Democrats to sell out Dreamers."

Jake Johnson ·

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