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JVP's Statement on the Israeli Government's Horrific Attack on Jenin

Last night’s raid on Jenin is a horrifying act of brutality- the world cannot ignore this massacre.

Last night, the Israeli army killed at least nine Palestinians in an attack on the Jenin refugee camp, including an elderly woman and two teenagers. During the attack, Israeli forces raided a hospital and fired teargas, forcing families to flee a pediatric ward.
Israeli forces have now killed at least 27 Palestinians already this year. 2022 was the deadliest year for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since 2004, and this year is already on track to be twice as deadly. This attack signifies another horrific escalation in violence by the new far right Israeli government.

Jewish Voice for Peace stands in solidarity with the Palestinian General Strike — all eyes on Palestine.

Stefanie Fox, Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace:

“The Israeli government is slaughtering Palestinians every night, massacring people in their homes, schools, and hospitals. There are no sidelines. Jewish tradition commands action in the face of grave injustice, and the time to rise in solidarity with Palestinians is now.”

Beth Miller, Political Director, Jewish Voice for Peace Action:

“Over and over, the Biden administration has refused to take action in response to Israel’s blatant war crimes against Palestinians, all while continuing to send billions of dollars to the Israeli military. Next week, Secretary Blinken is visiting Israel to continue normalizing relations with its far-right extremist and violent government. Enough is enough — the U.S. government must end its complicity in Israel’s brutal violence and apartheid.”

Jewish Voice for Peace is a national, grassroots organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for a just and lasting peace according to principles of human rights, equality, and international law for all the people of Israel and Palestine. JVP has over 200,000 online supporters, over 70 chapters, a youth wing, a Rabbinic Council, an Artist Council, an Academic Advisory Council, and an Advisory Board made up of leading U.S. intellectuals and artists.

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