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Johanna Kichton,

Homes Guarantee Campaign on New White House Plan for Tenants

People’s Action today released the following statement by Homes Guarantee Campaign Director Tara Raghuveer in response to the White House’s announcement of a new tenant protections plan:

“The White House announcement introduces potential for agency-level action, but falls short of using the full power of the administration to regulate rent and address market consolidation by corporate landlords.

“Tenant leaders organized to shape this policy for the better. In response to their demand that the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) introduce tenant protections as conditions for federal financing, the FHFA committed to study the potential to limit egregious rent increases in government-backed properties. This is not a policy directive, but it offers an opportunity for FHFA to continue working with tenants to create a policy that helps check the power of landlords.

“Beginning in September 2021, the Homes Guarantee campaign organized tenants hurt by rent hikes and evictions to engage with senior White House officials, agency officials, and members of Congress. Tenant stories and expertise informed these actions, and tenants will continue to be central to policymaking that concerns their lives.

“The rent is still too damn high. While the White House announcement affirms a role for the federal government in correcting the imbalance of power between landlords and tenants, the President can do much more to provide relief to tenants. We are counting on this administration to continue working with our campaign to make it happen.”

People’s Action’s Homes Guarantee campaign yesterday led over 280 national and local organizations to urge the White House to include a set of essential actions to regulate rent and address the consolidation of the rental market.

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