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Tracy Adair,

George Santos Must Be Expelled After House Ethics Committee Report Finds Substantial Evidence of Criminal and Ethical Misconduct

Stand Up America Managing Director of Policy and Political Affairs Brett Edkins issued the following statement after the House Ethics Committee released its investigative report reviewing allegations against George Santos. The report found that Rep. Santos blatantly stole from his campaign, committed fraud, and knowingly filed false information with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

"George Santos built his political career on lies and deceit, so it comes as no surprise that the bipartisan ethics committee found he likely committed multiple crimes to obtain his seat in Congress. Even his Republican colleagues concluded his actions damage the reputation of the House of Representatives and warrant punishment. This report has one clear conclusion: Santos is wholly unfit to hold office.

"If George Santos had any shame or remorse over deceiving hard-working New Yorkers and his colleagues in Congress, he would resign immediately. Instead, he continues to use every possible lie and excuse to cling to power, leaving his constituents without real representation in Congress. Since he refuses to step down, House Republicans should grow a backbone and expel him from the House of Representatives.”

Stand Up America is a progressive advocacy organization with over two million community members across the country. Focused on grassroots advocacy to strengthen our democracy and oppose Trump's corrupt agenda, Stand Up America has driven over 600,000 phone calls to Congress and mobilized tens of thousands of protestors across the country.