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Logan Smith,

Bend the Arc Statement on the Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

Judge Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court as well as its first federal public defender.


Bend the Arc: Jewish Action released the following statement on Friday in response to President Biden's nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court:

"Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination by President Biden is a historic and long-overdue step toward building a government that represents all of its people," said Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, Washington Director of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action. "Judge Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court as well as the first federal public defender, bringing exceptional credentials and a strong voice for protecting the rights of all to our nation's highest court. Her record with the U.S. Sentencing Commission helped reduce unjust sentencing disparities, and ensured that federal sentences were just and proportionate. We applaud President Biden's decision, and urge the Senate to move swiftly to confirm Judge Jackson."

"The Supreme Court and our nation will undoubtedly be better with Judge Jackson on the bench, but one new justice isn't enough to restore balance to a politicized and weaponized court. Restoring that balance is crucial in order for our society to be one based on equal rights where all of us are safe and free, rather than a minority imposing its will on the majority. A court that enables the erosion of democracy will result in making the Jewish community, along with so many other communities, less safe. Although Judge Jackson has already been confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support on three other occasions, we know the right's playbook well: bad-faith attacks and obstruction at every turn. Ultimately Judge Jackson's nomination is about protecting all people regardless of their race or religion. We will rise up alongside our partners to make sure Judge Jackson is confirmed and can serve as an unwavering champion for every single person under the law."

Bend the Arc is where progressive American Jews join together to fight for justice and equality for all. We are the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on progressive social change in the United States.

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