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Ben Sonnega, Solar + Storage Campaigns Director,
Josh Chetwynd, Deputy Director, Media Relations

Environment America Launches Clean Energy Storage Campaign

Advocates press states for storage commitments as renewable energy grows rapidly.


Environment America launched a campaign Thursday calling for state commitments on energy storage. Through public education, coalition building and legislative pressure, the organization plans to partner with its state offices to introduce and pass legislation that will commit states to adding a set amount of energy storage by a certain date. Initial target states for the campaign include Missouri, Texas, Illinois, California and Massachusetts.

"America is increasingly benefitting from more solar and wind energy, but the ability to store that abundant clean energy for later will help us maximize our abundant renewable energy resources," said Ben Sonnega, Solar + Storage Campaigns director for Environment America. "Battery storage paired with rooftop solar should be a staple on every home and building across America. Limitless energy from the sun shines down on our rooftops everyday, and we have the ability to harness it and store it to power our lives. In 2021, solar plus storage is just common sense."

America's capacity to store clean energy is growing. According to Environment America's recent report, Renewables on the Rise, the nation's battery storage capacity grew more than 18-fold from 2011 to 2020. Our ability to store energy skyrocketed last year, with capacity growing by 67% in 2020 alone. Nine states have already committed to some sort of energy storage goal, with New York leading the way.

Recent extreme weather events like Winter Storm Uri and Hurricane Ida, which knocked out power for millions of people, put clean energy solutions like solar and storage into the spotlight because they can reliably keep the power on even if the grid is down.

"With more severe weather headed for Missouri, it's more important than ever to find dependable ways to keep the lights and heat on," said Bridget Sanderson, state director for Environment Missouri, which is the state affiliate of Environment America. "Solar on the roof paired with a battery in the garage ensures reliability and independence, keeping us safe from the elements in those critical moments when the grid goes down."

In addition to organizing in the states, Environment America has lobbied at the federal level. Current priorities include updating and extending clean energy tax credits, including a 10-year extension of the solar investment tax credit and a new tax credit for standalone energy storage. These tax credits are currently included in the Build Back Better Act. That legislation passed the House of Representatives in the fall and is now under consideration in the U.S. Senate. Energy experts agree that clean energy credits for solar and storage would be game changers for both technologies in the near and long term future.

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