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Indivisible Launches 2022 Endorsements, Aiming To Build Democrats' Left Flank


Today, Indivisible announced the launch of its national endorsement program, the grassroots organization's political program dedicated to protecting and expanding the number of progressives in public office. The national endorsements program will focus on ensuring progressive champions have the resources they need to compete in and win Democratic primaries, whether they're newcomers competing for an open seat, insurgents working to oust conservative or ineffectual incumbents, or progressive trailblazers in Congress fighting for working people and making sure our government meets the moment. Recently, Indivisible also announced its Give No Ground frontliner program, which is dedicated to protecting incumbents who have been crucial to advancing Democratic priorities.

Since 2018, Indivisible has run a grassroots-driven national endorsements program to amplify the impact of our local groups and build progressive power by ensuring that progressive candidates have a national platform to spread big ideas. Previously endorsed candidates have gone on to win their primary and general elections, like Rep. Marie Newman and Sen. Ed Markey. The first slate of candidates to earn Indivisible's national endorsement are:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal
Rep. Ilhan Omar
Rep. Mondaire Jones
Jessica Cisneros
Odessa Kelly
Kina Collins
Melanie D'Arrigo

"The progressive voting bloc in Congress has demonstrated its power in fighting for Biden's Build Back Agenda, and Indivisible is committed to growing its ranks next year." said Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of Indivisible. "Every endorsed Indivisible candidate is vetted by our local groups and national team. These are the fighters in congress we need, and we'll work hand-in-glove with local Indivisible leaders and members to make sure they are a powerful part of a Democratic majority in the 118th congress."

To earn Indivisible's endorsement, candidates must go through a rigorous vetting process. Indivisible groups across the country endorse and nominate candidates for the organization's national endorsement. Then candidates must complete a questionnaire covering vital issues like democracy reform, immigration, healthcare, and economic justice. Then, candidates are voted on by all Indivisibles in their district and only those with a supermajority of support are endorsed. Indivisible's endorsement slate will grow over the course of the primary election cycle.

"Since our start, our grassroots network has shown that people power can and does influence policy and win elections. Primaries are the best opportunity to debate competing visions for our country, and we know they determine the future of our party," said Lucy Solomon, National Political Director for Indivisible. "That's why we're continuing our endorsements program--because so much is at stake and these are the candidates who will help deliver real progressive change. During the budget negotiations, Senator Joe Manchin said 'if we wanted liberal policies, we should elect more liberals' and that's exactly what this program will do."

Indivisible Project (501c4) drives coordinated campaigns, powering the grassroots Indivisible movement to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and win an inclusive democracy and bold progressive policies.