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Press Release

In Solidarity with the THRIVE Act, Sunrise Movement Expects a $10 Trillion Over the Next Decade Infrastructure Proposal From Biden


In anticipation of President Biden’s infrastructure plan rollout this week, and the announcement today of the THRIVE Act, Ellen Sciales, Press Secretary of the Sunrise Movement, released the following statement:

“President Biden has a historic opportunity in front of him to pass an FDR-style infrastructure package that jumpstarts our economy to support working people, create good jobs, and combat climate change—and there’s too much at stake for him to squander it. If Biden is serious about building back better, he must act on the climate mandate he was elected on and invest at least $1 trillion per year over the next decade to meet the scale and urgency of the crises we face. In the last year of World War II, America spent 40% of our GDP in one year on the war—equivalent to $8.5 trillion in 2021 alone. The task of transforming our economy and rescuing our planet from the brink of collapse are just as existential to our country now as the war effort was then. $10 trillion over the next decade should be the minimum of what we invest towards that task.

“The last decade has made clear that our infrastructure is weathered from and vulnerable to the climate crisis, and people are yearning for jobs and hungry for big solutions. Biden just passed a historic relief package without even a single Republican vote, and it was incredibly popular. Now, up against the countdown to his 100 day mark and the ever pressing climate clock, Biden must build on his momentum and deliver a groundbreaking infrastructure package that puts people to work in the national interest and halts the climate crisis—no matter what. If Republicans don’t want to get on board, he must do it without them. If the filibuster gets in the way of passing what’s needed, Senate Democrats must abolish it. 

“We know and economists know that $3 trillion is not enough and the unveiling of the THRIVE Act today reinforces why a $10 trillion investment is not a choice, but is fundamental to the futures of the young people, working people, people of color and people across this country who are all counting on him to deliver. If we neglect investment now, costs and consequences will only be greater and more destructive. We have a historic opportunity to invest in the future of this country—the risk is that we don’t meet it.”

This comes in the same month as the Sunrise Movement announced their Good Jobs for All campaign, which calls for a $10 trillion investment in a green recovery while creating thousands of good, union jobs and combating climate change in the process. Sunrise also released an explainer on why a $10 trillion investment is necessary and common sense.


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Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

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