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Stand Up America Condemns GOP's Coordinated Campaign to Suppress the Vote

As Republicans push legislation in


As Republicans push legislation in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and numerous other states seeking to further restrict access to the ballot, Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge issued the following statement condemning these efforts to suppress the vote:

"What we're witnessing across the country is a coordinated campaign by the Republican Party to further restrict access to the ballot and prevent millions of Americans from participating in future elections. Instead of standing up to Trump's 'Big Lie,' they're using it as an excuse to ram through racist voter suppression measures.

"Congress has the power to stop this outright assault on our democracy--and they must use it. It's time to enact the For the People Act and protect American's fundamental right to vote.

"We implore the Senate to follow the House of Representatives' lead by immediately passing S. 1, The For the People Act, to ensure that these shameful laws are stopped in their tracks."

Stand Up America is working in coalition with partners across the country at the state and federal level to stop racist voter suppression bills from becoming law. At the federal level, the group has driven thousands of calls to Congress in support of the For the People Act. The group has also driven thousands of constituents to take action demanding that conservative legislators in states like Arizona cease their efforts to restrict access to voting.

Stand Up America is a progressive advocacy organization with over two million community members across the country. Focused on grassroots advocacy to strengthen our democracy and oppose Trump's corrupt agenda, Stand Up America has driven over 600,000 phone calls to Congress and mobilized tens of thousands of protestors across the country.