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Use of Spit Hood in NY Case Illustrates Systemic Issues Within Police Force


Responding to news of the death of Daniel Prude, an unarmed Black man who died in Rochester, New York State in March after being hooded by police and held face down for two minutes following a call for help when he was in mental health crisis, Justin Mazzola, the deputy director of research at Amnesty International USA said:

The appalling circumstances of Daniel Prude's death illustrate many of the problems within the police force, including systemic racism, the use of potentially dangerous spit hoods, and excessive use of force against a man exhibiting signs of mental illness. People should not die when they call the police for help.

Video footage shows Daniel Prude complying with police orders, yet officers forced a hood over his head and held him face down on the pavement. Instead of de-escalating the situation, police treated Daniel Prude in a distressing and humiliating way.

Spit hoods can cause extreme distress and restricted breathing. They are especially dangerous when someone is already in crisis as Daniel Prude appeared to be. This is just one of a number of cases of people being suffocated by police and illustrates the need for systemic police reform.

There must be a thorough investigation into Daniel Prude's death, as part of a wide-ranging reform of policing practices. Daniel Prude and his family have a right to justice.


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