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Press Release

350 Action Endorses Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for 2020 Presidential Election


350 Action is announcing today our formal endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for President. Both have passed the 350 Action Climate Test and represent the significant political change that our country needs.

The following is a statement from 350 Action’s Executive Director, May Boeve: 

“We cannot afford to wait till 2030 or even 2024. We must demand bold action from political candidates now. Senators Sanders and Warren have in their careers and this contest raised the level of debate in favor of  climate justice. This election takes place during a crucial inflection point for climate action. We need a President who will fight against the fossil fuel industry that is standing in the way of progress. From communities of color facing the deadly impacts of fracking in too many neighborhoods; First Nations communities standing strong in defending their water; and youth striking for a better future, we all deserve a President that understands the scale of this climate crisis. 

“We endorse both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as they are historically significant and inspiring candidates in their own right and together have raised the bar for climate leadership. 

“Bernie is a fighter for economic justice and has made it a cornerstone of his campaign, and has consistently stood side by side with the climate movement. Elizabeth Warren’s model of strong feminist leadership deepens the political shift for the next generation  - as someone who relentlessly speaks truth to power and wields her intellect against vested interests in our democracy. From holding the fossil fuel industry accountable, to challenging those making dirty money from the climate crisis, to making sure we keep all fossil fuels in the ground, we believe both Senators speak to the types of leadership we need in the climate decade.”

The following is a statement from 350 Action’s North America Director, Tamara Toles O’ Laughlin: 

“A livable future requires a total transformation of our economy and culture. The demand for the end of fossil fuels must ring out in the streets and in the contest for the highest office in order for us to have a meaningful impact in the climate decade. Our endorsement of both Senators recognizes that accountability is less about affiliation than about real solutions to the climate crisis. 

“We demand Presidential leadership that plans to drastically reduce carbon emissions by more than half to meet critical climate goals. We support the vision to rapidly transition our energy sources by 2030, and in the process create millions of new jobs for workers in a renewable energy economy.  Our vision calls for a political power shift that uplifts people power and puts us on the most ambitious path to climate justice for all.

“350 Action endorses both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who each passed our climate test and who we expect to stay accountable to these commitments. We will continue to look closely at their financial ties and adherence to the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge as we forge ahead to create a political atmosphere that supports the climate movement.

“The work to stop the climate crisis cannot be stripped from the conversation about racial justice. This systemic analysis must inform all of our work. Neither candidate is perfect, but they both stand head and shoulders above the rest of the present field. In our decision, we are lifting up people power, feminist leadership, and a broad and nuanced movement for justice that has influenced both candidates’ platforms and adherence to the needs of those most impacted by systemic oppression and injustice.   

“We expect that as the primaries continue we will stand firm to ensure a progressive climate champion is in the White House next year.”


350 Action is the independent political action arm of the non-profit, non-partisan climate justice group

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