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Activists Officially Petition Congress to Investigate Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON - It’s been one year since Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. Today, July 9th, with the scars from the painful confirmation process that followed still freshly visible, activists descended on Washington to call for a comprehensive investigation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

The group - led by Demand Justice, Women’s March, Center for Popular Democracy, and CREDO Action - formally presented their petition to Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA)’s office.

The group was instrumental in forcing additional hearings/investigations last September during the justice’s confirmation proceedings. They promise to bring the same fight and fire to this new call for an investigation.

The petition details the claims - including perjury and ethics violations - that must be investigated by the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. With over 350,000 signatures, the petition is specifically calling for the House Committee to obtain and review the hundreds of thousands of undisclosed documents from Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. Bush White House for potential perjury, to investigate the multiple, credible sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh, and to seek information regarding potential White House interference into the FBI investigation of those allegations.


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“Last year, more than a thousand women and allies were arrested, and millions more took action in the largest mobilizations against a Supreme Court nominee in history. In our resistance we exemplified the true spirit of popular democracy - imaginative, informed, and sustained participation by all of us. When we band together and tell our stories, we can change the future of this country. We are continuing that same imperative today - by calling from the investigation Brett Kavanaugh,” said Ana Maria Archilla, Co-Executive Director of CPD - who confronted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator during the hearing last year.

“Serious questions remain about whether Kavanaugh is ultimately fit to be a Supreme Court justice, and House Democrats now have the power to get answers,” said Brian Fallon, Executive Director of Demand Justice. “House Democrats must obtain the documents that Senate Republicans worked so hard to conceal during last year’s confirmation process. The American public deserves to know the truth about Justice Kavanaugh.”

"Last year, women demanded that the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Kennedy’s resignation not be filled by a judge with an anti-woman track record, both on and off the bench. Kavanaugh’s hostile stance on reproductive rights and allegations of sexual assault should have been a disqualifying factor for the highest court in the land, but the Senate shirked their responsibility and confirmed a serial sexual abuser to the Supreme Court.  Now, we are back again, urging Democrats to do the right thing to protect our freedom. We demand an investigation to impeach Kavanaugh now!" said Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, Director of Community Engagement, Women's March

"Jerry Nadler must make good on his promise to open an investigation into Kavanaugh. A true investigation of Kavanaugh is necessary to preserve the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, especially after the FBI's Trump-controlled sham investigation during the confirmation process. House Democrats have the power to fully investigate Brett Kavanaugh, and it's clear from the over 300,000 signatures on this petition that the public is hungry for a true accounting of the facts." said Thaís Marques, campaign manager, CREDO Action.


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